To Any Parent Or Guardian Trying To Cope With A Problem Teenager...

“Are The Constant Battles With Your
Teenager Driving You Insane?
Are You Looking For Help...
But Just Not Receiving It?

Restore Your Relationship and Start ENJOYING Your Teen..."

New! The most exciting breakthrough in parent-teen relations for years! Guaranteed To Improve Your Teen’s Behavior - or you pay nothing!

Dear Parent,

If you’ve found your way here, it’s probably not by accident! My guess is that you are unhappy with your child’s behavior and the relationship you have with the child.

Do you feel as though your family is in ruins? Many parents I work with go as far as saying they feel like walking away from the family altogether, that they don’t even like their child anymore.

You may be experiencing the challenging behaviors that most parents face once their gorgeous children turn into the dreaded TEENAGER.

Hi, my name is Laura Carter.

I am about to share twenty years worth of advice that works. I have parents constantly surprised at the interventions and asking “can you do that?” when I give them step by step instructions on the toughest yet most rewarding job in the world -PARENTING A TEEN!


"Laura Carter has made a huge difference to our family. My daughter would not see a counsellor and I did not know where to go next. I felt completely isolated and full of shame. Laura helped me come up with a new plan and this time it actually worked. She has fixed my relationship with my daughter. I thought I had lost her forever and now I have her back. I could not ask for a better relationship with my teenager. I owe it all to Laura.Thanks for everything you have done for us."

Jillian B, Sydney (former client)

"My relationship with my folks was over. They had kicked me out and I didn’t plan on going back. After working with Laura we agreed on some new ways of dealing with things and it made a big difference. I moved back in with my folks and things have been 100% better. If it weren't for Laura I would never have the great relationship I now have with my parents. Thanks for the help Laura."

Brandan, Ashfield (former client)


Suzanne and John have three children, Connor, 17, Sasha, 15, and Fletcher, 11. Eight weeks into the new school term their daughter has not returned to school. Suzanne and John do not understand why this is happening. They took her to see a counselor but after two visits Sasha refused to go back.

Sasha says she is too fearful to go to school. She is a bright student who has never had any difficulties at school before. At home during the last two years Sasha has become increasingly difficult to negotiate with.

Suzanne and John realize that they are in disagreement about the situation and what to do. In this family John tries to keep things calm with his daughter and not upset his wife. Suzanne has backed off from trying to
get Sasha to do things like:

  • Go to bed
  • Get off the computer
  • Get up to go to school
  • Do homework
  • Help out around the house
  • Get off the phone

However, it really bothers her that Sasha won’t even follow a simple direction. Every now and then Suzanne tries to enforce some of the rules but gets a mouthful of abuse from Sasha on almost every occasion.

Find out how Suzanne and John resolved this problem.
Help With Your Teen.

Well here’s where I can help you!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  Is your teen defiant, argumentative and uncooperative?
  Are they verbally abusive and using foul language?
  Has communication broken down or is non existent?
  Do you feel frightened by their aggressive, angry and threatening behavior?
  Have you or your family members suffered any physical violence?
  Are they drinking alcohol and/or using drugs?
  Does your teen truant (skip school)?
  Are they running away or not keeping curfew?
  Does your teen lie or steal?
  Is your teen just plain lazy or lacking motivation?
  Are they refusing to do homework or help around the house?

If this sounds like your current situation, you are not alone! Most parents have problems with their teenagers. Don’t be like other parents and spend a lot of time and money figuring out WHY your teen is behaving this way without fixing the problem. Help With Your Teen will show you HOW to get your teen to behave.

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As A Parent Here’s Your Chance To...

  • Improve Your Parenting Skills And Communicating Styles
  • Establish Strategies, Skills and Attitudes To Allow You To Make Changes
    In Your Own Life
  • Discover New Ways To Respond To Your Teen’s Unacceptable Behavior
  • Take Control Of Your Own Situations
  • Learn Easy To Implement Strategies That Will Help You Gain Control Of Your House
  • Gain Confidence To Make The Right Decisions
  • Overcome Feelings Of Self Blame, Failure & Disappointment
  • Modify Expectations To A Realistic Level
  • Become Less Dependent On Professionals For Answers
  • Spend Time With Other Family Members (Or Yourself) Once The ‘Troubled One’
    No Longer Needs Full Attention

Your Teenager Will...

  • Learn To Be More Responsible (that is, learn to take responsibility for their behavior)
  • Become Accountable For Their Actions
  • Accept Appropriate Consequences For Their Behavior
  • Learn How To Choose Better Behaviors
  • Feel Supported And Contained By You
  • Have A Positive, Confident Role Model As A Parent


Who Am I and Why Do I Know I Can Help

For those of you wondering what my background and qualifications are, here is a brief bio:

I am an adolescent and family therapist with 20 years experience working with difficult teens
and their parents.

I have worked in youth refuges with homeless teens, been heavily involved in juvenile youth conferencing and worked as a mediator in high level disputes between out of control teens and their parents.

For the last ten years I have worked as an Adolescent and Family Therapist within the education system helping parents to regain respect and authority with their teens.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Couple and Family Therapy, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Social Work.

Most importantly and probably the thing that qualifies me the most is that I am a parent -
just like you.

Now, what happens if you don’t take action as soon as possible?
Imagine for a moment, that it’s 6 months from today...

Your teen is now 15, 16, 17… AND nothing has changed. In fact your situation is likely
to be worse. Your teen is bigger, more experienced and feeling very entitled to do as they please. If you don’t find help and change things, you could be even worse off in a few months.

What’s next? What are you imagining?
Your child could eventually drop out of school, get in trouble with the authorities, run away, become involved in drug and alcohol use, hurt you or your other children, suffer an overdose, become a missing person or worse case scenario – end up dead.


What’s maybe even scarier - your other children could also follow down the same path,
if they do not see you taking control for your family.

The problems will only get more serious the more out of control your teen gets and the longer you wait to make a change.

On the other hand imagine it’s 6 months from today and...

You arrive home from work and your teen greets you at the door with a big hug like they did
when they were three.

Or maybe dinner is being prepared and their homework is already done.

It’s Saturday night and instead of sitting up at 2am - sick with worry wondering where your teen is - you are asleep with the knowledge and trust that your child is safe.


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Let me ask you one more time

Do You Find Yourself...

  Backing down on delivering consequences you promised your teen?
  Afraid of asking your teen questions?
  Pretending it’s not happening?
  Yelling all the time?
  Trying to find a quick fix to a problem that took a while to evolve?

Are you feeling...

  Guilty?   Helpless?
  Embarrassed?   Overwhelmed?
  Lost?   Self-Blame?
  Isolated?   You want to give up?

At Last, Good News! What You Will Find Here...

Help With Your Teen has been designed to guide parents through making necessary changes to their parenting style.

The strategies used in Help With Your Teen do not require you to attend years or even months of therapy. It will assist parents without the embarrassment of seeing a counselor who questions your parenting or blames you for the problems.

The aim is not to punish your teen, but instead show you how to develop appropriate solutions that will assist both you and your teenager.

You will receive "how to" strategies to deal with a range of unacceptable behaviors.
These strategies are immediately applicable and will work with the most difficult children/teenagers.

Most importantly it will improve your relationship with your teen.

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Mary is a single mother. She works nights as a nurse at a local old people’s home. She has three boys, Tim, 19, Jack, 17, and Ben, 14. Mary left the boys’ father when they were toddlers as she was very unhappy in the relationship. The boys’ father has only had irregular contact for about six months when Tim was 12. Mary is reluctant to seek help because the last time she did the counselor had pushed her to contact the boys’ father stating “boys at this age need their dads.” Mary says this contact five years ago is the reason she is having
these problems.

Tim has left school. He is working and studying to be a chef. He went through a stage from 13-18 where Mary believes he took drugs and drank alcohol. She was so relieved when things seemed to change a lot a year ago. Tim got a job he loves and seems to have left his previous lifestyle behind.

Now Mary’s youngest son, Ben, has started to go down the same path. He doesn’t come home at all over the weekend. He brings cases of beer into the house and stores it up in his room for his mates for
the weekend.

He becomes aggressive when Mary tries to talk with him. He seems to be hanging around with his brother’s friends and other young adults. He has dropped out of football, misses most Mondays at school, comes home late and starts cooking up big meals then sleeps all day.

Mary desperately doesn’t want Ben going down the same path as Tim. She thought Tim could end up dead on so many occasions. She can’t go through it again. Mary feels she can’t talk to Ben, that there is a never a good time. She does still cook for him, wash his clothes, drive him places, buy him things and give him money.

Mary decided that she would need to put in place a contract. She was worried that by being too tough that she might lose her son. She risked losing him anyway as he was experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Find out how Mary got Ben back on track. Read the actual CONTRACT put in place that ended this behavior in Help With
Your Teen.


“Laura Carter is a creative family and adolescent counselor who has managed to convey therapeutic strategies and suggestions to parents in easy to understand and implement interventions that anyone can use. Laura truly understands the issues that parents of teens face and has organized the book into chapters of problems so parents can dip in when particular issues arise to find answers quickly and easily. Help With Your Teen is full of useful, practical advice and ideas which will help parents who are experiencing difficulties and challenges with their teens in areas from homework to violence.”

Cheryl Sewell, Social Worker & Parent.
Sydney, Australia.

“As both a teacher and parent of teenage children I, like most parents, am constantly faced with 'problems' related to the troubled teenage years. It has been professionally and personally comforting to know that there are solutions to these problems. Help With Your Teen provides a range of strategies which help to get kids and relationships back on track. I have recommended a number of these strategies to parents of children in my class. They have also reported great success. Childrens' learning is often severely hampered by emotional difficulties both at home and at school. Assisting these children to overcome these difficulties has led to not only happier and better adjusted children in general, but has also had a positive impact on their learning.”

Trevor O’Neill, Teacher and Parent. Sydney, Australia.

Here is a breakdown of what’s inside...

  • Why are you having difficulty with your teenagers? (pages 8-11)
  • What types of problems are parents asking for help with? (page 11)
  • Coping with verbal abuse and communicating with your teen (pages 23-26)
  • How to get your teen to want to do their homework (pages 15-18)
  • Curfew keeping dilemmas (page 19-22)
  • How to get your teen to stop skipping school (pages 27-32)
  • Strategies to stop stealing (pages 33-35)
  • Responding to anger, aggression and violence (pages 36-39)
  • Preventing running away from home (pages 40-44)
  • Dealing with drinking alcohol and taking drugs (pages 45-49)
  • What to do if your teen is talking about self harm or suicide (pages 50-51)
  • What to do when you teen is feeling depressed (pages 52-55)

Each section has a helpful What To Do section and a Case Study.

I am so confident that Help With Your Teen will get your relationship back on track with your teenager that I offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Money Back Guarantee

So here it is... You have 2 whole months (that’s 60 days) to see if the simple strategies outlined in Help With Your Teen will work for you. In the unlikely event that you feel you will not benefit from the information offered here, you can have a full refund. No questions asked, no need to return the product or any of the bonuses. If after two months you are not convinced that Help With Your Teen will not help with your teen, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. It certainly won’t hurt to read through the book, fill out the worksheet, test the sample contracts and more before deciding if these parenting tips are useful to you.



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Order Now and Get These Free Bonuses

Bonus #1

Personalized Contract - $100
One contract written for you.
This will be an original contract, tailored specifically to you and your teen.
Putting a great contract in place is a significant factor in showing your teenager
you are in control and serious about changing things for the better.
Contact me after purchase to redeem.


Bonus #2

Templates - $30
A template can be printed out and completed by you for immediate use. You can adjust as needed.

a) A Basic Contract – a simple contract that can be used for any type of problematic behavior. It outlines a rule, a consequence and a privilege. Fill it out, sign it and FOLLOW THROUGH!

b) Wanted Signs – signs to be posted up in local area or school when teenager has runaway or is drinking (very effective!)

c) Item Voucher – use this when removing an important item (i.e.- Cd player) from teenager. It specifies the item will be returned once a particular condition is met (i.e. – making curfew for 5 days in a row)

d) Worksheet – a great tool to get you started. It is used to determine what is important to your teen and therefore what the most effective consequence would be in order to change behavior.

e) Goal Sheet - tool for smaller issues or used in conjunction with contracts as a reward system. They are useful when you feel your teen probably just needs some encouragement in the right direction.




All of this for just $29.00!

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One More Time, Here is What You Get…




Help With Your
Teen eBook



Bonus #1
Contract Written For You



Bonus #2



Total Value





You need to remember that most troubled teenagers are very unhappy with what they are
doing. As much as they would never admit this to their parents they want and need
a change too.

You need to start believing that you are the “expert” when it comes to your teen. You know your child and with a little help you will also know the answers.


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Please click on the link above to order a copy now. You will have immediate access.


I know this material will work for you!

All the best and let me know how you go with it.


Laura Carter

P.S. - Don’t forget that when you buy Help With Your Teen you also get the templates for:
item vouchers (items that are taken away from your teenager for certain behavior), wanted signs (to be posted up when teenager runs away or is drinking), contracts, and goal sheets. This is all available immediately!

P.P.S. - Remember you risk nothing but gain everything - your sanity, your life and A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR TEENAGER (it is possible!) If you are not happy with what you receive you can get every penny back.

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